The Cellophane Flowers

The Cellophane Flowers are Fra, Ian, Luca and Nick. The release for our debut album produced by David M Allen (The Cure, The Charlatans, Human League) has now been confirmed for 3rd December.

We play gigs , try and make sense of the world in 140 characters or less, tart ourselves on the blogosphere as well as blogging ourselves less often than not while trying to work out who we are and what we are doing through our music.

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Sunshine and music

If you are wondering why we’ve been quiet, wonder no longer. The sunshine went straight to our heads, making us do things we never thought ourselves capable of. But we have been working hard in the rehearsal room, writing new sunny pop hits for you.

Singing of sandy beaches and surfing holidays…. if you know us a tiny bit you’ll agree this is most probably a big fat lie. Well, you are gonna have to wait and see.

All of this to say – we have new material coming soon and currently looking out for the right studio and producer to record our new ep. Keep an eye for more updates.

In the meanwhile we are gigging at The World’s End in Finsbury Park on 11 August; the first night curated by Roger The Gig Slut. This is likely to go down in history, god knows how privileged we feel to have been asked.